When you feel fantastic you can take on the world

Divinity Days

The one on one retreat day with personal coaching and gorgeous treatments just for you.


Divinely Different is the culmination of all my experiences and growth, my life’s mission if you will, shaped and moulded by countless challenges.
Now I have the pleasure of helping like-minded souls to reach for their highest purpose and seek out their ultimate potential.

I would like to offer YOU the opportunity to elevate yourself to the highest level of reverence and beauty.

To help you on this journey, I have created a variety of transformational coaching packages that I have been channelled and gifted from the Venus Star herself..

Discover THE REAL YOU and what you came here to do.


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Start with a complimentary 15 minute discovery session. We will talk on the phone about your needs and the different ways we can work to achieve them.


Join like minded individuals for one of my Soirees.

Its free to attend but places are limited and you must RSVP if you wish to attend.


Join the Venus Principle Program

The Venus Principle Programme is for the person who wants to take their life to the very highest level of reverence, beauty and excellence.

Divinity Days


Divinity Days, perfect solution to looking after you and works well with the Ignite Programme too. Do you want to relish in the beauty of the Self, Life, Spirit and receive a “Taster” of the Ultimate Beauty and Divine Principles of Venus?

Key Benefits

Then our beautiful Divinity Days are for you. Our one day exclusive for you beauty days are designed to bring out the beauty untold from within.

Delivered in a luxurious location you will be pampered and taken through a day of blissful relaxation and nurturing. The day is totally bespoke and designed for you.

No one day is the same and upon completion of a questionnaire prior to attending, you will receive your own unique programme and activities as you arrive.

Come and find out what your body scan will reveal about you.

Gifts and follow up


Divinity Days take up an entire day (10am to 6pm)



Starting somewhere to get the answers is always a great thing to do and because we understand that each and every one of us is Divinely Different and Unique, we created a grounding programme designed to discover and unlock any past blocks or hurt that have been preventing you from moving forward.

Key Benefits

  • A grounding programme designed to clear the clutter and mend broken pieces and remove blockages, any hurt, abuse or remorse.

  • It’s a soul cleansing and spiritual preparation for all the Venus Programmes available for you.


Delivered privately in a one to one format over one month and consisting of two online zoom meetings and two live meetings.

This programme works really well alongside the wonderful and pampering Divinity Days.

Venus Principle VIP


Venus Principle VIP, stands for Vision, Intent and Purpose and is an exclusive programme tailored for you and personally dependant on your lifestyle and what you want to achieve. It will be different for everyone, meaning each programme is unique, as you are.

Key Benefits

  • A bespoke 1-2-1 system and solution

  • Learn the secret to Beauty and life force itself, the secret to being understood.

  • Learn the ultimate leadership philosophies and be able to apply these to your life and business

  • Learn how to know yourself well by being aligned with body, mind and spirit.


The Venus Principle VIP Program is delivered face to face over a period of 4 months




It is when you have endured every adversity imaginable that you begin to understand that you are different, divinely different. Judy Dyer, wasn't born with the experiences she went through along the way but she was born with a unique essence that makes her different in a divine way.

Judy, who is now on her way to serendipity, has conquered all adversities that came her way with grace and determination to master all that she is today. I took a peek into the life of this inspirational woman who is creating waves of emotional intelligence and touching the lives of total strangers and I hope this interview is inspiring us all to identify and accept a very simple truth: we are divinely different .

- The Quantum of Light Magazine